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What's New

About TC3

The TC3 is one of the Technical Committees of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR). The scope of the Technical Committee 3 is not only artificial neural networks, but also what presently is called Computational Intelligence, including at least artificial neural networks, fuzzy systems, evolutionary computing like genetic algorithms, and those branches of statistics and machine learning that are relevant to the above fields. However, the emphasis is on pattern recognition problems rather than general function approximation, to make our profile different from and sharper than computational intelligence in general.

How to join TC3?

If you want to become a member of the TC3 and the TC3 mailing list, please contact the TC3 chair.
Currently (August 2013) more than 252 scientists are member of the TC3 mailing list.

TC3 Officers

    Neamat El Gayar
    Cairo University, Egypt
    eMail: neamat@encs.concordia.ca

    Edmondo Trentin
    University of Siena, Italy
    eMail: trentin@dii.unisi.it

Leadership Board
    Amir Atiya
    Friedhelm Schwenker
    Simone Marinai

Information Officer
    Andreas Fischer

Newsletter and Website Editor
    Nicola Nobile

Research Directions

  1. Deep learning has become a popular variant of neural networks typically possessing multiple representation layers, with higher-levels representing more abstract concepts. Deep learning is related to cognitive computing and has shown successes in applications involving sets of Big Data.

  2. Recurrent Nets

  3. Large scale learning and big data challenges:

  4. Biologically inspired robot learning

Tutorials and Training Material

If you can provide any additional material to be linked, please contact the TC3 chair.

Tools and Data Sets

Workshop activities

Several papers dealing with neural networks regularly appear in most important journals and conferences related to the Pattern Recognition community. However, these contributions are in some way spread and unrelated, and there is the need for a focussed place of discussion in order to analyze recent advances and future directions in both theoretical and applicative aspects. Workshop aim is bringing together researchers dealing with theoretical aspects of Artificial Neural Networks and their applications in the Pattern Recognition domain.

The following workshops have been organized by the TC3 :