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Restaurant Guide


Montreal is well-known for its vast array of restaurants and food culture. Montreal will surely be able to suit your tastes, fulfill your cravings, fit your budgets, as well as stimulate your culinary senses. 


During the conference as well as throughout your stay in Montreal, you will find a vast number of restaurants, cafés, bakeries (also known as “boulangeries”) and pubs.  Only steps away from the conference venue and hotels, they can be easily discovered when engaging upon any of your Montreal adventures.


For your convenience, we have compiled a list of recommended restaurants found specifically within the ICFHR conference venue and hotel area.  They can be viewed here on the following map, by either double clicking on any icon for more information, or by clicking on "View Larger Map."


When viewing the larger map, you will note that restaurant details can be found by either double-clicking on any icon located on the map itself, or by scrolling down and clicking on any icon, located within the text on the left side of the map.



View Larger Map



A printed summary of suggested nearby restaurants will be provided along with other tourist information upon your conference registration here in Montreal. The Internet map contains more restaurants than the printed version.


Bon Appétit!


Other Food & Beverage Options


Please note that many other cafes, pubs, grocery stores, and fast food chains are also plentiful and easily accessible within the conference area (but are not included on the map).


Restaurant Recommendations (Outside of the Downtown Core)


Please note the following other recommended popular spots, located outside of the ICFHR Conference/Downtown area:


Location: Le Plateau


Less than $15:

§    Schwartz’s Hebrew Delicatessen (Smoked Meat)

3895 St. Laurent

§    St. Viateur Bagel and Café (Bagels and brunch)

1127 Mont Royal East


Over $30:

§    Moishes Steak House

3961 St-Laurent

§    Buona Notte (Italian)

3518 St. Laurent



Location: Old Port of Montreal



§    Jardin Nelson (Creperie)

407 Places Jacques Cartier


Over $30

§    The Keg (Steakhouse)

25 St. Paul East

§    Gibby’s (Steakhouse/Seafood)

298 Place d’Youville

§    Modavie (Mediterrenan with live Jazz)

1 St. Paul






Montréal region is a tourist destination and accommodations are at a premium during the summer. If you would like accommodations at local hotels offering conference rates, please make reservations no later than July 18th, 2008.